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2006 - 2009

Rudebox and Reality Killed the Video Star: A highly anticipated album since the press first caught wind of it, Rudebox saw Robbie collaborating with an array of musical mavericks, including his heroes the Pet Shop Boys, king of ambient William Orbit, fellow Stoke natives Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews (aka Soul Mekanik), disco-house icon Joey Negro and NYC-based DJ and producer Mark Ronson.

The 16 tracks are a collection of both new and original compositions, teamed with covers of some of his favourite tracks by artists such as Manu Chao, the Human League, My Robot Friend, Lewis Taylor and old friend Stephen Duffy "They might say its 'dance' or it's 'electro', but it's just what I like! It started off as a busman's holiday this time around, but it's become something on which I've found myself. I was just doing my YTS up till now," said Robbie about Rudebox.

"It has become something on which I've found myself. This is the right direction for me personally, this is what it is. I saw the whole Robbie thing coming to a close as it was, I couldn't make another album like the ones I'd made, and this has just opened up a thousand other doors. What I am excited about now is making more music. I love all the stuff on the album, I love Rudebox, it's a favourite song of mine. I don't know what's gonna happen now, I'm excited about getting it out there, but I'm more excited about making more."

2006 - 2009