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November 27, 2018

Under The Radar Volume 3 - Pre-Order Now!

Under The Radar Volume 3 - Pre-Order Now!

After asking for your help to choose which tracks and mixes made it on to Under The Radar Volume 3, we are delighted to reveal more details about the much-anticipated third instalment of Robbie's fan special series.

The new album will be released on 14 February 2019 and comes in three different formats:

- Super Deluxe CD
- Standard CD
- Digital Download

All three formats are available to pre-order right now by clicking the link below.

Volume 3 is the first album of the series to be made available in a Super Deluxe CD format. As well as the tracks found on the standard CD, this special edition gives you:

- 3 double-sided art cards, one of which is hand-signed by Robbie
- Lyric booklet
- Window sticker
- Fridge magnet
- Exclusive download tracks
- Complimentary digital download of the album
- Hand-written message from Robbie

The super deluxe CD is available in a limited run of copies, so pre-order now to make sure you get yours before they're all gone.

As with its predecessors, Under The Radar Volume 3 is a special collection of b-sides, demos and rarities that never made it on to a full studio album, but Robbie has always wanted you to hear.

In his own words: 'Announcing another 'Under The Radar' album for the fans makes me really happy. These are songs and versions of songs from the archives that people haven't heard before. I'm proud of them, I'm really attached to them and I'm delighted to be sharing them in the third album of the series.'

Robbie has yet to reveal the final artwork and track listing, and after promising videos, exclusives and 'other exciting stuff from the album' to come soon, there is plenty to look forward to.