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XXV Deluxe CD


XXV, the thirteenth studio album from Robbie Williams, is made up of all the classic hits newly orchestrated by Jules Buckley, Guy Chambers and Steve Sidwell, and re-recorded with the acclaimed Metropole Orkest. Also, included on XXV is “Lost” a new original composition & single. The deluxe version of XXV has ten additional bonus tracks, including three all new original compositions.

This CD is 2x discs, in a 40 page hardcover book.


1. Let Me Entertain You

2. Come Undone

3. Love My Life

4. Millennium

5. The Road To Mandalay

6. Tripping

7. Bodies

8. Candy

9. Supreme

10. Strong

11. Eternity

12. No Regrets

13. She's The One

14. Feel

15. Rock DJ

16. Kids

17. Angels

18. Lost

19. Nobody Someday


20. Lazy Days

21. Hot Fudge

22. Sexed Up

23. More Than This

24. Disco Symphony

25. Better Man

26. Home Thoughts From Abroad

27. The World and Her Mother

28. Into The Silence

29. Angels (Beethoven AI)