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Vloggie Williams #16


Robbie and Pete team up to perform some magic in episode 16 of Vloggie Williams...

In episode 16 of Vloggie Williams, Robbie discusses the audience in Copenhagen before heading to Finland, where he's presented with a trophy, celebrates another birthday backstage and teams up with Pete to perform some magic for the team...

Vloggie Williams has been filmed to coincide with the release of Under The Radar Volume 2, the second-instalment of his fan-special series. Pre-order your copy now and you’ll receive two tracks immediately - the beautiful Eyes On The Highway and the brass-heavy banger Go Mental (ft. Big Narstie & Atlantic Horns) - as well as Run It Wild on Friday 3 November!


The long-awaited follow-up to the fan special first released in December 2014, Under The Radar Volume 2 is another unique collection of tracks recorded and compiled by Robbie especially for ‘the Friendlies and Mentals of’.

Limited edition personalised copies of the album have now sold out, but there's still time to secure a deluxe signed CD in time for release day. Pre-order the album now and you'll be treated to the brand new track Run It Wild this Friday (as well as Eyes On The Highway and Go Mental right away). Hit the play button below to enjoy a sneak preview of the song...