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Vloggie Williams #1


Watch the first episode in the new video series now...

Today we are very happy to reveal the first episode of Vloggie Williams, the new video series taking you backstage and behind the scenes on The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour.

Filmed to coincide with the release of Under The Radar Volume 2, Vloggie Williams will explore life on the road and in the mind of your favourite entertainer.

In episode #1 Robbie muses on his friends in the Upfront chat-room, his recent habit of eating in his sleep and how he manages to be so beautiful. Watch it below and subscribe to Robbie's YouTube channel to watch new episodes every Tuesday!


The long-awaited follow-up to the fan special first released in December 2014, Under The Radar Volume 2 is another unique collection of tracks recorded and compiled by Robbie especially for ‘the Friendlies and Mentals of’ and released in November this year.

This time around you can even personalise your album so the cover comes complete with your name, hand-written by Robbie along with his autograph. Click below to pre-order this limited edition format, or see all the options here.