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Tripping: Music Video


The music video for the single Tripping.

Directed by Johann Renck.

The idea behind was to film a video showing a confused Robbie being chased; running but never really going anywhere. Conversations with Robbie about his dreams followed, and, merging these with Johann's original idea, the result was the visually fantastic Tripping video... to use Robbie's words: his dreams "with a Swedish filter!"

Filmed in a studio in LA over the course of two days, it ‘shows Robbie in which he seems trapped in a movement or as he is experiencing a strange scenario out of a dream'. Each of the different scenes is actually based on one of Robbie's real dreams!

For the final scene in the bed, the whole room was shifted 90 degrees. "I really want it just to be a dream", said Johan, " so he's sleeping in bed you know and just to make it a little different we just shifted the room ninety degrees so the bed go up on the wall - and the wall got a bit to be the ceiling so he's actually going to be standing in the bed but we'll shoot it as if he's lying down in bed - but just gravity will just be a little strange you know he can you know do weird movements like this that he would never be able to do if he were lying down and so it's just to make that bed thing slightly you know little bit peculiar."

Copyright: 2005 Robert Williams/The In Good Company Co Ltd under exclusive license to Chrysalis Records Limited