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Mixed Signals | Alternative Endings


There are a couple of twists in store for you...

Yesterday we revealed the first of two alternative endings to Robbie’s new video for Mixed Signals.

The original video features a suspicious Robbie convinced that his on-screen lover is having an affair, though she eventually returns to him after a late night out, while the second instalment revealed her instead paying a visit to… Ayda!

Today we have an even bigger twist for you. Choose your ending below and hit the play button to discover how the tale will end this time…




Mixed Signals is the third single to be released from Robbie’s number one album, The Heavy Entertainment Show, following in the footsteps of Party Like A Russian and Love My Life.

Written by The Killers, Robbie first heard the track in producer Stuart Price’s studio and decided he wanted it for himself…

“Stuart had just been working with The Killers and he said ‘have a listen to this song’ and I listened to it and in my mind I was going ‘I want this song, I want this song, how can I tell him I want this song?”, explains Robbie.

“The Killers’ sound is amazing and I think Brandon is one of the best song-writers on the planet. I don’t know why he would give the song away because songs like that are pretty hard to come by.

“Luckily for me, Brandon said yes, so I get to sing a Killers song on my album and I’m double-chuffed about that.”

Mixed Signals is available to download as a single from iTunes now.

You can also stream it alongside the full album, or purchase it as a standard CD or deluxe edition with five extra tracks and three bonus videos.