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Close Encounters


Robbie's 2006 World Tour kicked off on April 10th and the Spring Leg saw him play dates in South Africa and United Arab Emirates' Dubai to ecstatic audiences of thousands. After a short break it was time to head to Europe embark on the Summer Leg.

Touching down in Dublin, Robbie and his tour crew then made their way through 14 countries for a total of 44 dates over the next four months as they crossed the continent, which culminated in an incredible five dates at The National Bowl in Milton Keynes. He performed to an incredible 2.7 million fans across stadiums in Europe alone!

After that is was time to head over to South America and Australia for 15 dates; from Santiago to Sydney, Mexico City to Melbourne, the Close Encounters just kept getting bigger and better.

The Close Encounters tour was not only Robbie's biggest tour to date, but also a record-breaking one as tickets sold out in minutes... where did your Close Encounter take place?