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Timeline / Live

Released 1 May 1999

The Man, The Myth, The Tax Bill

Hot on the heels of Millennium's US release, Robbie spread his wings across the Atlantic to check out his new turf! Having spent ten days there meeting record company bosses shortly after Christmas, he was eager to make his mark.

The Man, The Myth, The Tax Bill

Looking forward to the unknown and the excitement and challenge of a new audience, Robbie said: "This next year in America is like a big adventure, an exciting step into the unknown. I can't wait - I really feel like I'm moving forward and learning, and it's gonna be great."

The launch of his tailored US compilation, The Ego Has Landed - a selection of tracks taken from Life Thru A Lens and I've Been Expecting You - was kicked off by the tour. It was a strange experience for Robbie. Accustomed to performing sell-out arena tours in his homeland, he was suddenly being thrust back in time, playing a small club tour, to crowds of only 1,000.

As promotion for the album - released in the USA that May - continued, Robbie appeared on TV shows across the country including David Letterman, Connan O'Brian and Craig Kilborn to name a few. It was his performance on David Letterman that gave him the exposure he needed throughout North America.

"I honestly couldn't say how important I think breaking America is until I don't make it or I do. After all, I'm still only 24 - I've got my whole life head of me and I intend to enjoy every moment of it."


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