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Released 13 November 2000

Where Egos Dare

Not just any old DVD, Where Egos Dare is a multimedia extravaganza! A music video, live concert, DVD ROM and much more with exclusive footage, amusing outtakes and interactive live songs from Robbie's Slane Castle concert, it dares to venture into previously uncharted DVD territory!

Where Egos Dare

Featuring Robbie's cheeky exploits with Welsh singing legend Tom Jones, clips from his US tour, the making of Sing When You're Winning and a glitter-infested karaoke performance of Angels, Robbie throws a whirlwind of entertainment into one DVD.

As director Simon Hilton states in the booklet: "We decided to make the first ever music video specially designed for the camera changing function on DVD. You have to guess where Robbie goes and change camera angle on your remote control to follow him. Or you can watch Guy the whole way through. Or you could try to work out the secret key combination to access the gimp mask version...."


1 The Legendary Slane Castle Concert, August 1999 2 Short Cuts 3 Rock DJ 4 Sing When You’re Winning 5 Bonus Track – Dance With The Devil 6 DVD-ROM Section

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