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Released 31 March 2003

The Robbie Williams Show

After a year away from the limelight, Robbie rocked his heart out and staged an adrenaline-fuelled performance for The Robbie Williams Show in the famous Pinewood studios!

The Robbie Williams Show

Featuring 90 minutes of pure ultimate Robbie, with his stunning 60 foot high set and an 80-strong dance troupe, The Robbie Williams Show is adorned with hits old and new, from his old pop classics through to the Swing favourites and brand new material from Escapology, his best selling album of 2002. Giving a true flavour of 'the ultimate Robbie Williams', the show was Robbie's first airing of his new material.

Feeling slightly apprehensive, with a new contract and the competition of his peers in sight, he mused: "The stakes are a lot higher now and I'm feeling the pinch..."

Extras include the DVD equivalent of access all areas - the documentary 'What A Performance' - featuring plenty of titbits, from the typically jovial banter between Robbie and Jonny to Robbie's execution of his 'RW' logo on the back of a cigarette packet.

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