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Feel Video Shoot

The Feel video shoot took place in Calgary, Canada in September 2002, amongst the breath-taking scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

Robbie had never ridden a horse before, but, as with many things, he proved to be a natural cowboy!

This particular video shoot was one he enjoyed performing in most as he not only rode and bathed in the great outdoors, but he also got to play bingo with Daryl Hannah.

Filming with the Splash and Kill Bill actress made it a star-studded hat-trick for Robbie, having previously appeared on screen with Aussie icons Kylie and Nicole Kidman. In his book, You Know Me, he said how well he and Daryl hit it off: '[T]here are some people you bump into, particularly in Los Angeles, that are, like, "Fucking hell, you're impressive," and then there's some people out here that are really impressive but are just like "Fucking hell, you're my mate." She was my mate.'