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Skinned Alive

Documenting the making of the graphic Rock DJ video, Skinned Alive shows just how Robbie managed to strip down to less than the bare minimum!

Talking about his ideas behind the shoot, director Vaughan Arnell delves into the original brief and inspiration for the ‘Robbie dome', presenting Robbie to the dance floor gladiator-style!

Notoriously difficult to keep on set, Vaughan also had a cunning idea to keep Robbie there. "I thought that if it was just all girls in there and he came up and they were all skating around it'd be like Robbie heaven," he said "...and I also thought it would keep him there for three days!"

Featuring tongue-in-cheek chat up lines with the models, some scary ‘skin off' scenes and robotic dance moves, Skinned Alive reveals Robbie at his bloodiest...and at his most vulnerable!!

Director: Vaughan Arnell
First Shown: Channel 4, November 2000