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Nobody Someday

Over 20 million albums sold...13,000 screaming fans a cheeky entertainer... and Robbie's debut onto the silver screen!

Nobody Someday trails the highs and lows of his 2001 European tour in a fly-on-the-wall documentary, delving into the drama and the tension...

In late 2000, Century films were approached to document Robbie Williams' forthcoming European tour. The plan was to make a documentary with a difference - a frank and honest account of Robbie on tour with an insight into the trials and tribulations that were to accompany it.

Robbie and appointed director Brian Hill were both wary to begin with, but after a few discussions and some gentle persuasion, artist and director came together, a deal was agreed and Nobody Someday was born.

Nobody Someday shows Robbie as he'd never been seen before, baring his heart and soul to the camera. As he travels through 15 European cities, Robbie works through his battles with the press, his fans, and his own personal demons.

Although Robbie is the main protagonist, we also get to meet and experience the full cast of the travelling circus who put the show on the road. Several integral characters let us into the crux of their shenanigans, giving a taste of their on-tour antics - from Andy ‘Prince of Darkness' Franks evicting a team of camera-wielding cows from the arena to Robbie's security team as they check out the perimeter fence....

The film combines stage footage, observational footage and candid discussions with Robbie, resulting in a refreshingly honest, highly amusing and often touching film.

Director: Brian Hill
First Shown: London Premiere, 1 November 2001