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Manufactured Miracles

Manufactured Miracles is Robbie's tongue-in-cheek take on reality TV - the story behind the making of the Something Beautiful video!

Debuting on MTV in July 2003, the TV show ran for one week and invited viewers to vote interactively before the winner was finally shown around the world on July 14th. Influenced by the rise in reality TV shows, this was Robbie's topical take on the way starry-eyed hopefuls were being chewed up and spat out!

The film followed thousands of young (and old!) hopefuls, from the tears and sheer determination of getting through the auditions to the end result of starring in the video of Robbie's brand new single!

With Robbie's dad, Pete Conway, on the judging panel, the team starts its search for someone who ‘captures the essence, an aspect, a side element of Robbie'. The auditions feature fans from housewives and musicians to plumbers and electricians...all waiting for their own fifteen minutes of fame and the chance to live as a rock star for a week....and of possibly meeting their idol!

Wittling the contestants down to a final three - Bjorn Wenner from Hamburg, Rebecca Durrant from Essex and Peter Caruana from Manchester - who will be the ultimate Robbie Williams-a-like?

Director: James Tonkin
First Shown: MTV July 2003