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Gentleman Racer

Gentleman Racer tells the story of ‘Bob Williams 1969 Grand Prix World Champion' in the making of Supreme!

Director Vaughan Arnell harps back to the late ‘60s, weighing up his genius idea to make a ‘documentary' about a famous sporting character...

Having already explored the concept with Robbie's ice-skating character in the She's The One video, Vaughan delved into the golden age of sport, pondering what kind of good-looking sexy character Robbie could emulate....and came up with ‘Bob Williams, Grand Prix hero'!

Inspired by the glamorous world of James Hunt and Graham Hill, circa 1969, Robbie had no problems donning generous sideburns and playing the delectable playboy!

Using original ‘60s footage combined with latter day retro-style film of Robbie in character, the video showed Robbie up against Jackie Stewart in the race of a lifetime!

Vaughan Arnell said: "Felt it right for Rob to become ‘Bob Williams 1969 World Champion' or ‘didn't quite make it world champion'!"

Director: Vaughan Arnell
First Shown: VH1 July 2003