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21 September 2017


An intimate, funny and frank account of the moments behind the music, of the truth behind the headlines and of the fascinatingly complicated man behind the imperious entertainer, Reveal is Robbie Williams as you've never seen him before.

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27th September 2010

You Know Me

You Know Me, by Robbie Williams and Chris Heath, is the definitive celebration of Robbie Williams’ 20 years in music and is available now. This stunning book, released ahead of his forthcoming collection, In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010, charts his journey over the past 20 years. Intimately told in his own words, with over 250 stunning photographs, many that have never been seen before, You Know Me captures Robbie’s personal and public life and gives us an insight into the events that have made up his extraordinary career.

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1 September 2004


Feel is the most intimate and revealing book on Robbie to date. Following a magazine interview with Robbie by friend and music journalist Chris Heath, the pair began to make plans for a new, no holds barred biography. Together, they felt they could produce the most sincere account of Robbie's extraordinary life so far...

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13 September 2001

Somebody Someday

Writer Mark McCrum was a self-confessed music novice before embarking on life on the road with Robbie and his crew. "Then it was hangovers and running jokes (at his expense) all the way," said Robbie. Somebody Someday is an in-depth account of Robbie's life during his European tour 2001, giving a detailed insight into the Robbie Williams touring machine. An additional chapter - ‘Swinging Westwood' - was later added to the paperback version, joining Robbie a year on, as he recorded his ‘new album', Escapology.

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15 September 2000

Robbie Williams: Photography by Hamish Brown

Music photographer Hamish Brown explores Robbie's remarkable early solo career, from the impromptu backstage photo session in 1997, which earned Brown exclusive access to Robbie on numerous occasions, through to the release of Robbie's second album, I've Been Expecting You.

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06 November 1998

Let Me Entertain You

Let Me Entertain You was the first official Robbie Williams book, produced on the cusp of Robbie's success after leaving Take That. By this point, many a music journalist had written him off as being ‘famous for being famous'. But, guns a blazing, Robbie had pulled the epic ‘Angels' out of the bag and, as a result, 1998 equalled success of titanic proportions.

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