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Take The Crown

Take The Crown shot straight to the top of the UK Albums Chart upon its release in November 2012, sitting alongside Candy in the Singles Chart and scoring Robbie an amazing double number one.


Be A Boy
Shit On The Radio
All That I Want
Hunting For You
Into The Silence
Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
Not Like The Others
Losers (featuring Lissie)
Eight Letters

Speaking about the success of his eight number one studio album, Robbie said: "It really means more to me than ever. Reaction to this album is really important to me and I now can’t wait to play it at the O2 Shows. I am just really, really, really chuffed and grateful to everyone that has supported both the single and the album this week."


Take The Crown

The album artwork featured a 3D rendering of Robbie's head in suitably regal gold, while the album insert boasted a striking array of expressions and poses decorated in a mixture of beautiful colours and textures.