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July 17, 2013

Win Knebworth 10th Anniversary Goodies!

With just under two weeks to go until the release of Robbie Williams Live At Knebworth: 10th Anniversary Edition, we're celebrating by giving you the chance to get your hands on some special Knebworth goodies!

To enter the competition, just email before 12:00 BST on 26th July 2013 and you'll be automatically added to the draw. We'll get in touch with the lucky winners via email to let them know the good news.

This competition has now ended and winners have been contacted. Check your inbox or below to find out if you're a winner!

The Prizes

1 x First Place Prize: Robbie Williams Live At Knebworth 10th Annviersary Edition Super Deluxe Box Set + Commemorative Mug

Winner: Helen Clarke (UK)

3 x Second Place Prizes: Robbie Williams Live At Knebworth 10th Anniversary Edition on your choice of DVD or Blu-ray


  • Ivana Majerska (Slovakia)
  • Kerstin Vill (Germany)
  • Joan Faurskov (Germany)

5 x Third Place Prizes: Knebworth 10th Anniversary Mug


  • Jo McPherson (UK)
  • Raffaela Taborsky (Austria)
  • James Holyland (UK)
  • Henriette Ekola (Sweden)
  • Marleen Grootjans (Netherlands)
  • Pre-Order Your Copy Now

    Of course, the only way to guarantee that you get your hands on this special release is to pre-order your copy ahead of its release on 29th July.

    Remixed and remastered to celebrate this musical milestone, the 10th Anniversary Edition of Live At Knebworth features the full magnificent show, two never-before-seen performances, Robbie's duet with Mark Owen and the 2003 documentary Moments Of Mass Distraction, available to you on both DVD and Blu-ray.

    Upgrade to the Super Deluxe Box Set and you'll have access to both of the above formats, a double CD recording of the concert and a brand new interview with Robbie as well as a beautiful collection of iconic images from the shows in a specially-produced hardback book.

    Take a look at a selection of them below along with Robbie's introduction to the book and use the following links to pre-order your copy now.




    Robbie's Introduction

    Knebworth kind of feels like winning gold at the Olympics, or as close as I’ll ever get to it. At the pop Olympics that year I won gold, and Knebworth was the medal. I often think that my job’s like an extreme sport – I can seldom think of anything that I’ll do that will be more extreme than coming in upside down at Knebworth as 135ꯠ people greeted me favourably. It feels like an out-of-body experience, looking back now. It is overwhelming, to say the least, that it happened, and that it was me. And I’m so proud to beable to say that I did it. I’m so pleased it happen to me. And I’m so proud that so many people that I bump into were there: ‘I was at Knebworth…’, ‘I was at Knebworth…’, ‘I was at Knebworth…’, ‘I was at Knebworth...’. We shared something really special. And when people say ‘I was at Knebworth’, it does feel like a ‘we’ thing. People who weren’t there say, ‘That looked like something special happened there’. And it did.

    And how rock’n’roll to be arriving at your massive gig in a Harrods helicopter? As they banked in for me to have a look at the crowd, my stomach turned over, and it wasn’t because of the movement that the helicopter made. Then when the helicopter landed a huge section of the audience could see me get out of it so I had to give it the big un in some sort of way. Because I think if you act accordingly, the rest of you will follow. So I had my very northern strut on as I got out of my flying chariot, hoping that my stomach would then catch me up at some point.

    So far, it hasn’t.

    Robbie Williams 2013

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