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November 09, 2010

We Sing Robbie Williams Out This Friday

Start warming up those vocal chords and put that hairbrush down because all that singing in the shower is about to be put to good use!

We Sing Robbie Williams for Nintendo Wii is released this Friday, 12th November, just in time for a full on weekend of sing-a-longs and serenading.

The game features 26 of Robbie's chart-topping hits, including favourites Feel, Angels, She's The One and recent single with Gary Barlow, Shame. you won't have to sing along either, as this brilliant game allows up to four players to sing along together any one time, making it the ultimate party accessory!

Check out the full game tracklist below:
1997: Old Before I Die       
1997: Angels               
1998: Let Me Entertain You       
1998: No Regrets           
1999: Strong               
1999: She's The One           
2000: Rock DJ           
2000: Kids               
2000: Supreme           
2001: Let Love Be Your Energy   
2001: The Road To Mandalay       
2001: Eternity           
2001: Somethin' Stupid       
2001: Beyond The Sea       
2002: Mr Bojangles           
2002: Feel               
2003: Come Undone           
2003: Something Beautiful       
2003: Sexed Up       
2004: Radio           
2005: Tripping       
2005: Advertising Space   
2009: Bodies       
2009: You Know Me       
2009: Morning  Sun       
2010: Shame (Unlockable Bonus track)        

Special features:
- The only game featuring four microphones & four singers... together!
- 25 iconic and chart topping songs from one of the greatest performers of the modern era, all including videos!
- Solo, Party and Karaoke modes
- Singing lessons - learn to sing like a professional
- Single and multi-player in-game Awards - add depth and replay value to the game
- Party Mode includes We Sing, Versus, Group Battle, Pass The Mic, First to X, Marathon, - Blind and Expert!
- Up to 4 players can sing along together in any Party Mode
- Karaoke mode - vocals removed for the purists
- Jukebox - cue up and play your favourite songs and videos
- Playlist feature - line up your favourite songs and play them in any mode
- Hear yourself sing - replay your performance and add cool effects to your voice
- Rap scoring mode - now fully singable Rap and R&B songs
- Star Notes - extra points for hitting hard notes
- Full Support for HDTV's - 16:9 Widescreen and anti-lag
- Player statistics - get a detailed breakdown of how you sang
- Customisation of interface (colours, wallpapers, menu music) - change your look to fit your mood
- Easy, Medium or Hard, with short or full length song modes
- Easy, simple and clean menu to allow quick access to songs
- Choose your singer if there is more than one artist
- Integrates with a USB 4 port hub, for 4 microphones
- Fully compatible with Logitech USB Microphones from Sing It, High School Musical 3, Guitar Hero and Rock Band

Pre-Order We Sing Now!

We Sing Robbie Williams is released on Friday, 12th November, but is available to pre-order now.

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