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June 01, 2012

Watch Robbie's Soccer Aid Appeal Film From Mexico

On his recent visit to Mexico, in aid of UNICEF, Robbie got to know the children in the slums of Mexico City and witnessed the dangers they face first hand. Originally shown during Soccer Aid on ITV1, this film gives a short account of Robbie’s dramatic experience.

Soon to have a child of his own, the stark comparison between what kids face growing up back at home and what kids face growing up in Mexico hit Robbie hard. Admitting that children at home are very lucky, Robbie brought to light that the same cannot be said for the children of Mexico City, who face the fatal dangers of poor sanitation, abuse and disease every day.

Watch as Robbie cradles newly born baby Dominique, whose mother lives in fear that disease-ridden rats may bite her children as they sleep.

The prospects for older children seem to be no better; Robbie met children Lluvia, 3, and Angel, 5, who are at risk each day of being snatched by criminal gangs whilst their parents work.

This year Soccer Aid has raised a whopping amount of over £4m, which goes towards providing much needed shelters equipped with water and toilets and keeping children safe from danger and abuse.

Without public donations this wouldn’t have been possible, so again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Soccer Aid!