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February 24, 2010

Vote For Rock DJ As 4Music's Greatest Pop Video

Robbie's flesh-ripping music video, Rock DJ, has been nominated in 4Music's 50 Greatest Pop Videos poll, and only you can make sure he tears pieces off the opposition and emerges the victor!

Take a look at the full music video and then help Robbie, complete with his tiger pants and rollerskating disco divas, scoop the top prize by heading to the 4Music website and casting your vote.

Voting close at 12:00 GMT on Monday, 1st March so be quick and be sure to vote, vote, vote before then (only one vote permitted per email address).

Click here to vote for Rock DJ as 4Music's Greatest Pop Video

Did you know...

Surrounded by controversy, due to its explicit content of gore and nudity, the full-length video was shown exclusively on in 2000 and branded with a 15-certificate.

The video's ending was cut by most music channels around Europe, including VIVA, MCM and MTV with VH1 Europe decided to use its own video for the song, created from studio footage.

Want more Rock DJ action? Click here for footage from the making of the video.