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October 14, 2010

US Release: Last Days Of Disco Remixes

Robbie's Reality Killed The Video Star album track, Last Days Of Disco, has been given the remix treatment by four dancefloor superstars to produce no less than eight club-tastic tracks!

Available now from iTunes US exclusively, there are two EPs to choose from featuring disco, house and electronica-flavoured reworks by Roger Sanchez, Still Going, Black Van and Mighty Mouse.

EP 1
1 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Remix (7:52)
2 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Dub (7:49)
3 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Instrumental (7:52)
4 Black Van Remix (8:40)

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EP 2
1. Still Going Remix (6:27)
2. Still Going Dub (6:27)
3. Mighty Mouse Remix (7:16)
4. Mighty Mouse Instrumental (7:15)

Click here to buy from iTunes US