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October 19, 2010

UPDATED: In And Out Of Consciousness Tweet The Lyrics Game

*** UPDATE ***

Due to the huge demand around Robbie's Tweet The Lyrics game, we've made it possible for you to retweet the lyrics to a track an unlimited number of times! Lines will still have to be tweeted once before the full lyrics reset, and the great news is everyone now has the chance to pick up a Robbie Williams 20 years badge for their profile.

Click here to head over now to tweet your favourite lyrics.


In celebration of the release of Robbie's forthcoming album, In And Out Of Consciousness, we've we've launched the Tweet The Lyric game, which allows you to tweet your favourite lyrics from his biggest and best songs to win exclusive Twitter profile badges.

To join in the fun and add a splash of Robbie to your Twitter profile, click here to go to the Tweet The Lyrics page below and sign in using your Twitter account.

Once you've signed in, simply click the line of the song you want to post on Twitter, you'll have to be quick though, once a line has been tweeted it cannot be selected again and each song closes when all lyrics have been tweeted… so fastest fingers at the ready! Once you've tweeted your lyric you'll win a special Robbie badge of the corresponding song to display proudly on your profile.

A different track from In And Out Of Consciousness, which is released on 11th October 2010 and available to pre-order now, will be added each weekday over the next eight weeks and, in true chronological order, the opening song to kick off the game is Robbie's first solo single, Freedom.

Be sure to check back everyday for the latest song and grab your badge, will you be able to get your hands on the full set?

Click here to Tweet The Lyrics to Freedom now!