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November 11, 2012

Take The Crown Is Number 1!

In an amazing week for Robbie, we can end with the news that Take The Crown has shot straight in at number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart, earning him his eighth studio album in the top spot! And as if that wasn't cause enough for celebration, Robbie's single Candy is still at the top of the Official UK Singles Chart, meaning that Robbie has a double No.1 this week!

A huge thanks goes to each and every one of you who bought both the record and the single and truly helped Robbie to 'take the crown'!

Robbie himself had this to say:

“It really means more to me than ever. Reaction to this album is really important to me and I now can’t wait to play it at the O2 Shows. I am just really, really, really chuffed and grateful to everyone that has supported both the single and the album this week."

As an added bonus to the news of this incredible achievement, you can listen to Robbie chatting to Reggie Yates on last week's Official Charts Show by clicking here.

If you don't have your copy of Take The Crown yet, you can pick it up here, and keep an eye on for more news of his forthcoming single, Different.