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July 13, 2006

Signs of the Times

We know you're interested in the view of the stage when Robbie's on tour. But what about what you can see from the stage?

A 'Robbie-eye' view of the National Bowl during his Milton Keynes dates would reveal an ocean of fans stretching back to the horizon, dotted with more messages from the crowd than you'd see in the stands at an England match. When the crowd comes to see and hear Robbie, they want him to know that they're paying attention... And so what better way to communicate to their hero than with placards - some repeatable, some a bit more x-rated.

Over the weekend the fans told Robbie how much they loved him, how far they'd come to see him, and how far they'd be willing to go! But there were more than just the usual 'We came from Crewe' or 'This is my sixth time' type of messages.

His latest single inspired some clever messages: 'Show us your Rudebox', demanded one placard, 'Stoke My Rudebox' ordered another. One even rolled off a stream of tour statistics - proving Robbie's fans aren't just music lovers, they're good at maths too!

Someone even had a blow-up doll in Robbie's likeness, covered in graffiti; the details were so accurate there was even an ink-for-ink perfect maori tattoo. It made such an impression it was called on stage for Jonathan Wilkes to play with, which proves that even from on-stage, in an audience of 65ꯠ, your message can get through.

Check out some of the banners we spotted, below, maybe we snapped your placard when you came to see Robbie live...