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February 12, 2014

Shine My Shoes: new single released 24th March

It’s time to polish your ground-grippers and take a twirl - Robbie’s next single will be Shine My Shoes and is officially released on 24th March 2014.

It’ll be getting it’s first radio plays from today, so tune in and keep a keen ear out for it.

Written with Guy Chambers, the track provides a high-octane opener to Robbie’s number one album Swings Both Ways and is available for immediate download now. Use the links below to grab the track or buy the full album.

Standard edition: Deluxe edition:

Shine My Shoes - Lyric Video

Robbie Says

Guy Chambers and I started writing together again after a break of about ten years, and ‘Shine My Shoes’ came out of the first batch. It’s in the spirit of a Sammy Davis Jr. song. In the biopic The Rat Pack there’s a dream sequence where Sammy Davis Jr. is dancing against the racists. I’m singing against the haters and the naysayers, giving them my time in the form of a swing song detailing exactly why they should hate me. The smugness will infuriate the haters, and the people who kind of like me will just think that it’s sweet.