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April 17, 2006

Robie Williams Live in South Africa

For the first time ever Robbie is performing in beautiful, sunny South Africa and we are right there beside him to bring you all the highlights of his trip: before, during and after his African tour dates.

As always has exclusive access to all the fun and games with our roving cameraman and on-hand photographers out there to catch all the action. Robbie set off for South Africa two weeks ahead of the first show in Durban with a video shoot to squeeze in before rehearsals in Cape Town began.

Here we bring you the first batch of behind-the-scenes clips and with Durban having taken place just last night, watch out for more to follow! If you're not a subscriber, you can take a peek at the first clip only...

Fireworks in Cape Town

Of course there was always going to be time for some relaxation, and as our clip shows, on arrival in Cape Town Robbie 'kidnapped' a boat to cruise the V&A Waterfront. As he enjoyed the balmy night aboard the luxury speed boat, 'The Symphony of Fire' spectacular got underway. This firework showcase - the largest of its kind on the African continent - delighted Robbie as he watched the pyrotechnic extravaganza light up the South African night sky.

Welcome to Robben Island

Fact: Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 and was the first President of South Africa to be elected in fully-representative democratic elections.
Fact: Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for a staggering 27 years before he became leader.
Fact: Much of his imprisonment was spent in a prison cell on Robben Island.

What have these facts got to do with Robbie? Well, his oh-so-handsome hairdresser Ollie took some time to visit the historic Robben Island and was moved by the small cell where Mandela spent much of his time. Luckily for Ollie he spotted a potential girlfriend to lighten his mood...

Rehearsing in South Africa

And so back to the main gig... all pop-stars have got to rehearse and Robbie (and his band) are no exception: Robbie of course needs to warm up his voice and the band all need to check out their sound levels and all that technical jazz. It could never be boring and rocking the mic is the call of the day in our intimate look at the pre-gig warm-ups...

All the videos can be found below, along with a smattering of photos to keep you busy.

Latest... Robbie lands in Durban and Cape Town

With the rehearsals out of the way and everything going as planned, Robbie and his crew set off on the road for the first dates of the tour. Watch a clip of Robbie as he receives a warm welcome on his first trip to Durban. Inner Sanctum subscribers can also follow him on his journey from Durban to Cape Town. And we go exclusively backstage with Robbie and his band before they perform their sold-out show in Cape Town.