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October 06, 2009

Robbie Talks To GQ Magazine

Be sure to pop into your local newsagent on Thursday morning as Robbie is not only featured in the November UK edition of GQ magazine, but is also starring on the front cover, which you can check out below!

Talking exclusively to the gentleman's style publication about his new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, Robbie says it's "as good as anything I've ever done, if not better. I know I say that every time, but that's what I felt and this is what I feel again. It's ace. It's amazing. So then, all eyes on me. Scary."

Here's a few more snippets from Robbie's interview with the magazine...

On his move back to England before returning to LA;
"That's me. Will do anything on an impulse."

On meeting Ayda:
"Then she came along. I've always been, 'You're not getting in, you're not getting in...' I never gave anybody a chance really."

On the new album;
"A happy medium" between angular experimentation and commercial, mainstream music.

About the post-split chat with Take That;
"We all had a massive chat, one of those chats that other bands who split up can't seem to have. It was really healing, if that doesn't sound too nancy. And at the end of it everything had gone and we were in the kitchen and I had my arm round Gary. I just loved him. I think he felt the same way. It was really beautiful."

The nine-page feature includes an exclusive photoshoot of Robbie at his inimitable best... take a look at some of the fantastic photos, taken by Simon Emmett, below.

All photography by Simon Emmett

To get your hands on a copy, head down to your local newsagent from Thursday, 08 October, or visit the GQ website now to find out more.

Remember this?

The GQ feature is Robbie's first with GQ for four years, where he was featured on the front cover of the UK edition in November 2005 with a handful of scantily-clad ladies (below)!