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February 07, 2011

Robbie's Studio Albums Get Revamped With Previously Unreleased Material

Robbie's first seven studio albums, from Life Thru a Lens through to Rudebox, have each been upgraded and expanded with an extra DVD full of previously unreleased material!

Each Special Limited Edition album will be released on Monday, 21st March 2011, as a two-disc special edition CD/DVD, a digital package and a digital download video album. The only exception is Swing When You’re Winning, which pairs the original audio album with Robbie's chart-topping Live At The Albert DVD and will only be available as a physical format.

We're also very pleased to let all of you stateside know that these special albums will be released globally in all formats, except for in the United States where the Special Limited Editions will only be released digitally.

Each album comes with an all-new DVD, crammed full of previously unreleased content to unearth some of Robbie's best TV performances and most candid interviews from over the years. Videos include many of Robbie's appearances on Top Of The Pops, Later with Jools Holland and Wetten Dass since 1997, plus the Life Thru a Lens DVD features his stellar duet with Tom Jones at the 1998 BRIT Awards.

The Rudebox DVD features a series of nine short films inspired by the album, commissioned by Robbie and created by some of the most talented independent film-makers.

Take a look at the list of Special Limited Edition albums below and their tracklistings:

Pre-order these Special Limited Editions now!

Life Thru a Lens

I've Been Expecting You

Sing When You're Winning

Swing When You're Winning


Intensive Care