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March 12, 2007

Red Nose Day

This Friday is Red Nose Day and we’re sure you want to show your support. Well, now you can. If you’re a ‘friend’ on Robbie’s official MySpace page we want you to change your profile for the week.

Pull on a RND t-shirt or sport a red nose, it’s up to you. Just change your profile picture to one of you showing some Red Nose day spirit and we’ll get as many of you as we can in Robbie’s top friends. You can even use the special Comic Relief Noseifier to red nose-up your image.

Go to upload a pic and you’ll instantly be furnished with a bright red nose. How cool is that? But don't stop there, have you become friends with Red Nose Day 2007 yet? Add them to your MySpace at and show them how much you care.