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March 02, 2011

New Life Thru A Lens Photo Galleries Added!

We've just added a whole load of photo galleries to from around the time of the release of Robbie's debut solo album Life Thru a Lens!

The all-new collections of photos take a look back at the formative months of Robbie's solo career as a recording artist, spanning the time from when the album cover for Life Thru a Lens was shot through to his tour of the UK and Europe later that year and let's not forget the pivotal release of Angels - the single which changed everything forever…

Take your pick of four stunning galleries below, including a total of 70 photos!

Lazy Days Sleeve Shoot (May 1997)

(View all)

Life Thru a Lens Cover Shoot (July 1997)

(View all)

Life Thru a Lens Album Launch (September 1997)

(View all)

Angels Video Shoot (October 1997)

(View all)

Get EXTRA photos with the Robbie app!

If you own the Robbie Williams app, available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android, we've just added an exclusive selection of photos to the app from the photoshoot of the Angels single cover in 1997.

The gallery of photos were taken by Norman Watson and are ONLY available in the app, capturing a 23-year old Robbie just before Angels took him to international stardom.

Click here to install the app or head over to the Photos section of the app on your handset to take a look, enjoy...!

Collectors' Edition

Life Thru a Lens is one of seven Robbie studio albums which have each been upgraded and expanded with an extra DVD full of previously unreleased material. The Collectors' Edition of each album will be available from 21st March 2011 and you can pre-order it by clicking the button below.