Look Back, Don't Stare: Take That's Documentary Is Out Now

It achieved the the highest first week sales in 13 years to become the fastest-selling album of the millennium and Progress is currently sitting at the No.1 spot in the UK album charts for a second week… now you can own the documentary that charts the making of this phenomenal album; Look Back, Don't Stare is out today.

You've seen it on TV, and now the documentary following the biggest reunion in pop is available on DVD and Blu-ray, for those of you that don't want to miss a single detail!

This release features not only an extended version of the documentary broadcast on TV, but on top of that, nearly an hour of extra content:

- The 100 minute directors cut version of the film
- 30 minutes of previously unseen footage
- A further 20 minutes of bonus extras

We sure hope to find this in our stocking this Christmas!

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Take a look at the trailer to the documentary below… enjoy!