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January 25, 2013

Join Robbie & UNICEF In The Fight Against Global Hunger

As a UNICEF UK ambassador Robbie's joining forces with the charity and a large number of others to help make sure 2013 marks the beginning of the end to world hunger.

The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign launched in London on Thursday based on the central idea that there is only Enough Food For Everyone IF we all take action to encourage our leaders to make the right decisions on key issues.

The last time so many organisations came together on a similar scale was for the Make Poverty History campaign, which inspired millions to take action and helped secure unprecedented commitments from world leaders for aid.

This year the British Prime Minister has pledged to put on a hunger summit ahead of the G8 in June and the IF campaign will be specifically asking G8 leaders to commit to take action on hunger.

You can help by making sure that world leaders not only hear their demands, but listen to them too. Please join the campaign by signing up here and make as much noise as you can by sharing this story, posting it to your Facebook profile or tweeting about the issue, mentioning @EnoughFoodIF and using the hashtag #IF.

Thank you in advance to everyone who signs up and spreads the word!