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May 27, 2011

Join In The Excitement Of Take That's Progress Live Tour

It's been five years since Robbie has toured and we can't wait to see him live and performing with Mark, Jason, Gary and Howard in less than 12 hours!

Thousands of you will be at one of the 36 tour dates spanning the UK and Europe over the next nine weeks and we want you all to get involved by sharing your photos, videos, reviews and highs of the shows.

We want everyone to be a part of the audience and to experience the explosive atmosphere, including all of you who couldn't get tickets or make it to a show, but we can't do it without you!

Going to the shows..?

Read on to find out how you can bring the excitement of the tour to the rest of the world

Don't forget to check-in at the venue to tell everyone you're at the hottest show on the planet! You can check-in on Facebook and Foursquare via the Robbie app!
* You can upload photos from your mobile straight to the Robbie app in a couple of seconds. Just go to the date you're at in Live and add your pics to the Photo tab. Whether they're of Robbie and the boys on stage, or you and your friends in your Robbie t-shirts, we want to see your photos!
* What did you think of the show? What was the best part? Leave your comments against the show in the Live section.

* Don't forget to check-in at the venue - tell the world you've got the best tickets in town!
* Upload your photos and videos to Facebook and post them on Robbie's wall. Make sure you tag them with 'Robbie Williams'.

* Post your photos and videos on Twitter for all to see! You can use Twitvid's free app for iPhone, Blackberry & Android to post videos on the move; from the audience to Twitter in a few minutes!
* Share your highlights from the show or write a review of the boys' performance.
* Be sure to tweet @robbiewilliams as all tweets will be pulled into the Robbie app, and use #ProgressLive, so everyone can easily find all tweets about Take That's tour.

* Upload your videos of the tour to YouTube.
* Tag them with keywords: 'Robbie Williams', 'Take That' and 'Progress Live' so they can be easily found and don't forget to tick the box to enable playback on mobile phones so that they can be featured in the Robbie app.
*The best videos will also be pulled into the Robbie's YouTube channel!

Not got tickets? Here's how you can stay tuned!

* Stay tuned to the Tweets tab in the News section where you can get the latest official tweets and also read everyone's tweets @robbiewilliams.
* Be sure to check out the dates in the Live section as they take place for photos and highlights.
* The best videos will be pulled into the app so keep an eye out for some onstage action in the Video section.

* @robbiewillams will be retweeting the action from fans at the shows so keep your eyes on Twitter here.

* Keep an eye on Robbie's Facebook Wall, especially the Videos and Photos sections.

* Stay posted to Robbie's YouTube channel - the best videos will pulled in to the channel page here.

If you've not got the official Robbie app yet download it here for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, and click here to download it for Android devices