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December 14, 2009

It's Question Time!

A few weeks ago we invited you to put Robbie in the hot-seat by giving you the opportunity to ask him that one burning question that you'd ask him, if only you had the chance.

Now, in his latest video podcast, Robbie has selected the best and revealed the answers to you all... Is your question amongst them?

In his longest podcast to date, a whole 14 minutes, we find out what the most irritating question that Robbie gets asked is, where he sees himself in a decade, what his musical influences are... and a whole heap more!

Watch the full video below to and then head over to iTunes to download the full podcast. But before you do that be sure to check out the bonus clip, exclusive to, also below, in which Robbie reveals which songs are on his playlist right now

Official Robbie Williams Podcast - Episode 5

Exclusive Bonus Video