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November 16, 2013

Introducing... Swings Both Ways

Swings Both Ways, the title track of Robbie's new album, has its origins in a suite in one of the most famous hotels on the whole of the west coast of America.

"It was written by me, Guy Chambers and Rufus Wainwright in a room in the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles one afternoon earlier this year," explains Robbie - who it's fair to say is delighted with the inclusion of Mr Wainwright on Swings Both Ways.

"Rufus has probably written some of the best songs of the last fifteen years and it’s an honour to have him on my record."

But what was it like to work with him for the first time and how did the song begin to take form?

"I think I said ‘everybody swings both ways…’, but then Rufus brought a lot to the table with this song," Robbie says. "He works so quickly, and he’s so smart and so succinct that it’s kind of scary being in a room with him - you’ve got to keep pace the best you can."

The narrative of the song playfully explores themes around the hidden lifestyles of stars scrutinised beneath the limelight.

"Songs are just stories. We’re now in a period of history where a male straight pop star with a following can sing a song that’s basically saying ‘Yeah, I help up for the other team, if they’re short’. And, in this song, I do."

Swings Both Ways is the title track from Robbie's forthcoming album, out Monday 18th November. Use the links below to pre-order your copy now.

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