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December 28, 2013

Introducing... No One Likes A Fat Pop Star

This week sees the last in the series of special features on the songs of Swings Both Ways, and this around time we take a look at the album’s final song, No One Likes A Fat Pop Star. Over the weeks we have featured a few real show-biz classics from some of the all time great artists and films; we’ve delved into the stories behind the songs, introduced you to some musical legends, picked Robbie’s brain, and discovered some of his favourite films and songs of all time along the way.

We’ve also had the pleasure to introduce some of Robbie’s own new songs, and this week we are taking a peek behind the scenes at one he co-wrote with Guy Chambers and Chris Heath. This, along with the albums’ title track, is one of his favourite songs on Swings Both Ways.

“I pat myself on the back for this song. It’s funny and it’s of its time and big and daft and whimsical, and I love the tune.”

With its fairground style Wurlitzer organ and huge vocal ensemble chorus line, No One Likes A Fat Pop Star makes a big, bold and dramatic statement musically. This humdinger of a song would sound right at home as the climax of a West End musical’s score. This is something Robbie really wanted to achieve, and it helps re-enforce his motivation for writing the song, all be it in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

“It's funny. It’s basically me poking fun at the media’s obsession with weight, and my own obsession with weight. In fact – obsession with weight full stop. It’s a big, over-the-top production to a stupid subject and it’s got a big chorus with a big choir.”

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