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November 09, 2013

Introducing... Go Gentle

Go Gentle is not only the first single to be released from Swings Both Ways, it's also the song which brought Robbie and Guy Chambers, his long-term writing partner and the producer of the new album, back together again.

It's the first new song Guy and I wrote together – I see it as a Burt Bacharach kind of song.

And that smooth Bacharachesque influence is apparent from Go Gentle's opening piano line through to the soft brass and delicate string arrangements throughout.

The song represents a new-found paternal outlook for Robbie, since he became a father for the first time last Autumn.

It’s about my daughter, Teddy. Go Gentle is a promise of protection. It’s a song that I want to live up to, because it’s actually the most important thing I will do on the planet while I’m here – either be a good or a bad Dad. Way more important than four nights at Wembley or three nights at Knebworth.

The accompanying music video for Go Gentle was shot in Los Angeles in October 2013, a familiar Hollywood hometown for both Robbie and for the rich history and glitzy glamour of Swing music in general. In the video Robbie is captain of the ship, sailing a beautiful barge named Theodora through the golden streets of Downtown LA at sundown.

Take a look at the Go Gentle music video below and pre-order your copy of the single ahead of its release on 11th November.

Swings Both Ways is released on 18th November. Pre-order the album on iTunes and get the opening track, Shine My Shoes, instantly.

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