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November 07, 2010

Interview: Take That - Friends Reunited

UK newspaper, The Guardian, caught up with Robbie and the boys last week whilst they were en route to the Q Awards, where they were inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

In this very honest interview they talk about the filming of the recording of their album Progress;
'Barlow arranged for a TV crew to document the recording of Progress, inspired by the Beatles' Anthology', how Robbie came to be a part of Take That again; 'They can't seem to decide whether Williams was asked to rejoin Take That five years ago. Barlow says he wasn't; Orange says he personally asked him, but Williams refused', and the mixed opinions of the reunion from the public; 'But not every fan is delighted. "We were outside somewhere the other day," Williams says, "signing autographs, and this girl came up to us and said, 'I'm not here for Gary. I'm only here for you.' " "I went to sign," Barlow nods, "and she went, 'I don't want your autograph, I only want Robbie.' "Williams shakes his head. "I thought, 'Eh? What do you want me to do? High-five you?' "

Head over to their website, now, to read the full article as the fivesome spill the beans on their feelings around the biggest reunion in pop.