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September 23, 2009

IMPORTANT: Buying Electric Proms Tickets Second-Hand

Tickets to Robbie's performance at BBC's Electric Proms sold out in a flash this morning and we are aware that many of you who did not manage to get tickets are very disappointed.

We strongly recommend that you do not purchase tickets from unofficial sources, by this we mean anyone selling tickets second-hand. Strict security measures will be in place on the night and you risk being disappointed further if you buy these tickets at an inflated price only to be refused entry.

There are no hard tickets for this show - entry will be with wristband only.
A maximum of two tickets is allowed per person.

Ticket-holders will be required to provide TWO forms of ID on the night:
1] the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets
2] a form of photo ID that matches the name and address pertaining to the booking.

Wristbands will be put on the purchaser and their guest
at the box office of the Roundhouse. The guest must be in attendance with the purchaser at the same time. No wristband will be given out unattached.

It will not be possible for anyone to have these wristbands up front of the night, let alone have two wristbands.

Anyone with a wristband that appears to have been tampered with will be refused entry.

Once again, we understand your disappointment but please do not buy these tickets second-hand.