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October 26, 2006

How Rudebox!

It wasn’t enough for you lot to make Rudebox NUMBER ONE around the world; you couldn’t contain your excitement either.

Robbie’s MySpace page has been overflowing with comments from all of you telling us about how much you love the album.

You had such amazing things to say, we thought we’d pull ‘em all together, and you can feel the love below.

Don't forget, if you’re bursting at the seams with something to say, leave your comments at

Go on, get it off your chest...

‘... the new album is amazing. Old enough to remember the old Kiss Me and think your new version is so much better. Sorry Mr Duffy but it's true. Keep up the amazing work Robbie.'

‘I LOVE your music! and I'm addicted to your new album.. its so good!! Keep up the good work!'

‘Rudebox conquers the world! So you did it again. But that's not really surprising, is it? This King Of Pop title starts to sound a little lame to me. EMPEROR OF THE WORLD sounds more like it!
You rule, Rob!!!! Thanks for making all of our lives brighter every day.
Greetings from Belgium.'

‘Hey Rob, loving the album good on you for trying something different, you know what it works! Played it so much in the car think my CD player would play it without the CD.'

‘... Rudebox is awesome. Can't stop listening to it. Got it going in the car, in the house. My kids love it... cant get enough... well done!!!'

‘1st hearing of your new album - hmmm this is different.
2nd hearing - actually there's some pretty cool songs on here, loving The Actor and Lovelight.
3rd hearing - Actually not a bad album at all The 80's and The 90's are fab, although sadly they make me very aware I'm old enough to remember them.
4th hearing - You know what... I LOVE this album, well done Rob for taking a risk from the main stream, fab work!!!'

‘ ...Well done on topping No 1. Just goes to prove that you still rule!!!!
I bought my copy and I think it's superb! The kids listen to Bongo Bong all the way to school in the mornings - it's gets their blood pumping.'

‘Well done with the number one! Your album roxs! Lovelight is up there with your all classics; definite number 1 as well! Keep on going with the amazing music!!'

‘Hello Robert! WOW !!!
Your album RUDEBOX, it's so brilliant! So perfect! I love it!
She's Madonna is my lovely song.....but all songs make me and my life so happy.
Thank you Robert.
Nice greetings from Germany'

‘I adore the RUDEBOX. Had my reservations but as usual you came through with exactly the right formula. Add great lyrics with some humour, lush overlays and one magic voice. BINGO... Robbie see yah in December. Oz cant wait..'

‘Hi, loving your new CD, The 90S' and Viva Life On Mars. Keep em coming Rob, you rock...!!! You never cease to me amaze :-) So talented!'

‘Congratulations and compliments on your new album! For many of us, who are about the same age as you are and grew up in the 80's and 90's, it is one big trip down memory lane. So many sounds come back to my mind, the hip hop, Pet Shop Boys (who were, and still are one of my favourite artists), ska... it makes me feel like being 18 again!
I've been reading some comments in the papers on your new album... saying you've lost your way. I think they're all wrong: I think you just found it!
Good work done! Keep up the good work, and most of all: don't give a s**t about what other people think you SHOULD do: you're doing just fine!'

‘Wow! Robbie, when you said at the first night at Milton Keynes that your new album would wipe the floor, you really meant it!
I love this whole album - every single song - and I haven't stopped playing it since it arrived last Saturday morning (hooray for the pre-order facility!) - in the car, at work, on the iPod.
I also love the fact that it sounds like you had a good time making this album -keep it up Robster - we looove you!'

‘I'm a longtime listener from the States. I didn't think that you could top Escapology but you did with Intensive Care and then yet again with Rudebox. How do you just keep getting better with your sound? :-).'

‘I love the new album and haven't stopped listenin 2 it *lol! Keep up the great work babe!'
Sazzy Saz

‘Rudebox is a wonderful album. Musically adventurous, risk-taking, infectious & great fun. Keep up the fine work, sir. Peace and mellow vibes'

‘Hi there, the new album is fantastic. Rudebox and Lovelight were already among my favs before album arrived. I absolutely love Viva Life On Mars and Never Touch That Switch. I find that The 80's and The 90's makes me want to laugh and almost cry at the same time (in a good way). Keep up the fantastic work.'

‘Hey Rob, loving Rudebox... can't stop listening too it.'

‘Hi Rob, your new album is really GREAT!! I love the way you are growing up as an artist!! Thanks for everything you gave us every day with your music.'

‘The more I listen to your album the more I like it! Right now I'm listening to We're The Pet Shop Boys! I love it!
I like this new side of Robbie, it looks like something u always wanted to do but never had the chance!! Please never stop to please me with your music!!'

‘... the new CD is absolutely amazing!!!! It's like I'm going back in time, back to the years when I was a teenager; it remembers me of the good times, dates and all the other stuff that we didn't need to worry about; it's definitely one of the best albums I have heard this year. So thanks for bringing this memories back with your music, this is an album I'm sure going to listen too over and over again.
When I'm going to London before Christmas, I have plans of going out and I really hope clubs will play this music so I can go really wild.'

‘Just to let you know that I listen to your album 24/7. Some brill songs on there, well done. Think Rudebox will always be my fave though, there is just something about that tune. Enjoy the Aussie tour, come back to England soon.'

‘Robbie this song is the best song I have heard for years. I am well and truely addicted to it! I downloaded Kiss from itunes too which is wicked. I have to say I can't remember the last time I was so excited to buy an album. This music is the best stuff you have ever done and I can't stop singing both Rudebox and Lovelight.'