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May 31, 2012

House Of Fraser Competition Winners Meet Robbie Williams

It was Sunday night and with Soccer Aid kicking off in a few hours the excitement was brewing, but for a lucky five it was about to hit fever pitch!

The evening started with the winners getting exclusive access to the players’ changing room area, after which all five lined up in the legendary Old Trafford football tunnel for a prime view of the England and the Rest Of The World squads as they made their way onto the pitch to greet the spectators. It was a breathtaking moment!

Back from their walk around the pitch, the team returned to the tunnel and then came the moment they’d all been waiting for, it was Robbie! Time to meet the man himself.

First up was Jo, who chatted about her dogs and got a number of photos signed by Robbie, not forgetting to snap some of the moment.

Mandy followed, who had a wonderful story of how she had once given Robbie a lift in her car back in 1993, which he remembered well. Happy memories exchanged, Robbie signed her photo from that day, 19 years ago!

Next up was Lorraine, who needed no introduction… Robbie recognised her as someone who’d dressed up as a lobster on the Take That Progress Live Tour last year.

Finally, Robbie spent a short time speaking to happy couple Alexis and Gary, who are also expecting. Baby tips were exchanged, along with more photo signing, before Robbie had to return to the changing room to put his kit on.

The winners were also treated to an extra bonus when they had the chance to meet many of the other players playing that day, who were also in the tunnel at the same time.