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November 01, 2012

Hangout With Robbie

We've teamed up with Google+ to bring you an exclusive and super fun Robbie Williams app!

Head over to Google Hangouts where you'll be able to launch the Take The Cover App (geddit!) and overlay the Candy and Take The Crown artwork over your face as you hang out with friends.

Click here to get started.

Thought that was pretty cool? Here's the really exciting bit…

This Monday, Robbie wants to hangout with you!

Start a Google+ Hangout with your fellow Robbie fans and you may be joined by Robbie himself.

Here's how:
1. Start a hangout at enabling Hangout on Air to broadcast your hangout with Robbie to YouTube.
2. Name Your Hangout 'Robbie Williams Crash My Hangout' + Your First Name and Country eg 'Robbie Williams Crash My Hangout Sarah Germany'
3. Invite your friends and +RobbieWilliams between 15.30 (GMT) and 16.30 (GMT).
4. Click 'Start Broadcast'.
5. Now you are ready for Robbie. Post to Google+ with the hashtag #crashmyhangout where Robbie will be searching for Hangouts to join.

Complete all the steps above and, if you're lucky, you will get your five minutes face-to-face with Robbie.

For more info and to join the event visit the event page here.

You can also register your Hangout ahead of Monday by filling in the form here.

Click here to log in to (or join) Google+ to start getting your Circles together and organising your Hangout for the big day… you might just get a surprise visitor!