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May 12, 2008

Donate To UNICEF's Appeal To Help Burma

As a UNICEF UK Ambassador, Robbie Williams is asking for your support to raise money to help those who are in desperate need of aid.

On 2 May, Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (Burma), leaving many thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands of people homeless. The cyclone has caused widespread devastation, damaging buildings and destroying homes, leaving people without shelter.

Thousands of children in Myanmar have lost everything to the cyclone. Not only are UNICEF concerned for their lack of shelter and clean water; they also fear for those children who have been separated from their loved ones.

UNICEF staff, who were already in the country prior to the cyclone, are working around the clock to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by this disaster. Their pre-positioned stocks of supplies have allowed them to respond quickly to the urgent needs of children and their families. They have delivered supplies in the five affected districts and divisions including Laputta, the most severely hit township.

UNICEF are currently appealing for £13 million to meet the needs of children affected by this disaster for the next six months. Please help them to continue to provide assistance to the children of Myanmar by making a donation now.