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June 17, 2011

Disney Interview Robbie & Collision Of Worlds Video Is Revealed!

You've heard the track, now tune in to the official Cars 2 music video for Collision Of Worlds, written by Robbie and country legend Brad Paisley for the forthcoming Disney Pixar release.

Featuring clips of both Robbie and Brad in the studio recording the track, cut with footage from Cars 2, take a look at the video below… and then scroll down to read Disney's interview with Robbie; find out how Robbie responded when he got the call from Pixar, why he became a fan of Brad's and, if he had to be a car, which one he'd be!

Robbie talks to Disney Pixar

How did you get the assignment to work on Cars 2?
Robbie: We got a call from the good people at Pixar. When Pixar calls, you have to respond in the affirmative! Their movies are massive and amazing. They’re the movies of our time and they’re classics. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be involved with them. I was very proud to be asked. For this lad from Stoke-on-Trent to come and sing for them was like ‘yes, please!’ I love that.

What was it like working with Brad Paisley?
Robbie: Working with Brad has been awesome, full stop! He’s a wonderful man first and foremost and very kind and generous of spirit. He’s a very funny guy, too. Before I met him I became a bit of a fanboy because he’s incredibly talented, plays the guitar like few people on the planet, and is just incredibly gifted. I’d like to be Brad Paisley’s cousin. I’d like that addition to my family!

What is the name of the song you wrote with Brad Paisley?
Robbie: It’s called “Collision of Worlds.” It’s an international kind of song that’s inspired very much by the film––it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the story. Brad turned up with his guitar and a basic understanding of what he wanted the song to sound like. He played a few chords and we noodled and twiddled our way into forming this song. It’s back and forth colloquialisms between two different countries speaking the same language and not understanding each other––until now.

You got an early peek at Cars 2. How much fun was that?
Robbie: The good people at Pixar allowed us to come down and check out the movie. I was like an 8-year-old that morning. I was completely enthralled by it. The film is an absolute hoot. Even if you don’t have kids, go see the movie because it’s another classic. It’s seldom each year that truly great movies come out. Well, this is going to be one of them, if not the best of the year. It’s so well rounded, so humorous, and romantic and enchanting.

What kind of car do you drive?
Robbie: Actually, I don’t have a driver’s license. In London you just don’t drive because the traffic is terrible, so you get cabs to go everywhere, which has left me being 37 and still without a driver’s license in Los Angeles.

Are you a fan of racing?

Robbie: We have Formula 1 over in England, and it’s always been a very important part of growing up and seeing these heroes and respecting and admiring them and the glamour that surrounds them. It’s exciting.

If you could be any kind of car, what would it be?

Robbie: I think I’d be a van, to be honest. Nice and comfortable, steady, reliable. I’d like to consider myself like something sporty, but I’m not. So yeah, a minivan with a plasma screen inside, big relaxing chairs and comfort. That would be me.

The Cars 2 soundtrack is released on June 20th; the Disney Pixar film hits the track in the UK on July 22nd 2011.