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April 13, 2011

Behind The Marty T-Shirt

Following comments on yesterday's news about the Marty t-shirt being on sale, would like to state the following:

There is no pressure on anyone to buy anything in the store. The price tags of our goods reflect the quality of the materials and the limited quantities manufactured, meaning that they cost considerably more to produce than a widely-available item on the High Street.

The Marty t-shirt is in the shop now at £34.99. All proceeds will be going to charity.

As a piece of background to this particular artwork, one of Robbie's most treasured pictures is one of his father and Marty when they worked together in Derby in 1974, the year of Robbie's birth. They became good friends but shortly after that Marty went off to work with Mel Brooks on Young Frankenstein and Silent Movie in LA.