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October 09, 2009

BBC Electric Proms Cinema Broadcast: Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets to the live European cinema broadcast of Robbie's forthcoming performance at the BBC Electric Proms in London are on sale now!

Last week we announced that Robbie's first live show in the UK for three years will also be beamed to nearly 200 cinemas across the continent in a live, high definition, broadcast, so those of you in Europe can see the action unfold in front of your very eyes while you dig deep into your popcorn. There'll be no need to push your way to the front of the audience as you'll have a guaranteed front-row view from your seat wherever you are!

Robbie's BBC Electric Proms performance will also be screened after the event in Australia, on the 6th November, and South Africa, on the 13th November. Tickets for these events are also on sale now (with the exception of a few cinemas in Australia).

Click here to find out where to buy tickets for the live simulcast at a cinema near you.

For all of you in the UK, we'll be posting details of how you can tune in via BBC on the night as soon as the information is available, please stay tuned.