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January 15, 2006

A Close Encounter with... Jerry Meehan

What's wrong?
Nothing, why?

What's your favorite crisps?
Wouldn't eat such saturated, fat-ridden rubbish

You make a shirt with a slogan, what does it say?
What's Wrong?

Tell us a joke?

What did you do well today?

What did you do badly?

They make a film about your life, what do they call it?
A Little Bit Of What You Fancy Does You Good

Out of 10 how do you feel? 0 being suicidal, 10 being orgasmic?
14 1/2

Would you being willing to kill an innocent person if it would mean an end to hunger and poverty in the world?
Yes, many

What is your favorite song\album? (make a list if you like)
Too much choice in the Chrisendom

What happened to your dreams?
Left them in Durban

What's the king/queen of nuts?
Macadamia and Cashew

What crisps does James Bond eat?
Not a clue

Who was your hero growing up?

What's my best song? (can't choose Angels)

What's my worst? Don't worry I won't get offended (Can't choose Angels)
The one about shagging

Name your favorite Mr. Man?
Mr Twat

What super power would you like?

What's your favorite TV program from the 70'sᆀ'sᆊ's?
Tomorrow's World

Who was your first crush? Do you know her today?
Jacki. Not really he's changed.

What's a good question for these questionnaires?
Who's your favourite bass player in the band

When did you last sing to yourself? What did you sing?
Rehearsing with Neil

Would you be willing to give up sex for a year if you knew it would give you a deeper sense of happiness than you have now?
Already done it. Still miserable.

What are your most compulsive habits, do you struggle to break these habits?
Wanking and farting and picking stuff. Yes.

Write the first word that comes into your head at the end of this sentence? (can't be any of the words in this question)