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January 15, 2006

A Close Encounter with... Claire Worrall

What's wrong?
There's nothing wrong. I love my life.

What's your favorite crisps?
Seabrooks Prawn Cocktail Crinkle Cuts (made in Bradford)

You make a shirt with a slogan, what does it say?
I (heart) Hattie and Amy (my dogs)

What did you do well today?
I avoided all crisps

What did you do badly?
Oops... I just ate some!!

They make a film about your life, what do they call it?
Grace of My Heart (it's a thriller)

Out of 10 how do you feel? 0 being suicidal, 10 being orgasmic?
10, I'm not cold

Would you being willing to kill an innocent person if it would mean an end to hunger and poverty in the world?
No, not if they had my pets

If you knew the world was going to end in 5 months, what would you do?
Grab all the unwanted dogs in the world and hang out

What words did you find trouble pronouncing when you were younger?
Squirrel, I called them Cyrils. Oh and cucumber.

What is your favorite song? (make a list if you like)
You Can Close Your Eyes by JT and Reunited by Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell

What happened to your dreams?

I'm living them

Excluding Back for Good what was your favorite Take That song?
The other one by the Bee Gees

What's the king/queen of nuts?
The Pecan

What crisps does James Bond eat?
The Man with the Golden Wonder

Who was your hero growing up?

What's my best song? (can't choose Angels)
The one you wrote with me

What's my worst? Don't worry I won't get offended (Can't choose Angels)
Win Some, Lose Some

Name your favorite Mr. Man?
Mr Happy (is there a Mr Doggy)

What super power would you like?
I'd like to be able to talk to all animals

What's your favorite TV program from the 70'sᆀ'sᆊ's?
Morecombe and Wise, Only Fools and Horses, GCSE Bitesize

Who was your first crush? Do you know him today?
Graeme Hicks from next door and no.

What's a good question for these questionnaires?
Do you like dogs?

When did you last sing to yourself? What did you sing?
Today - How much is that doggy in the window!

Would you be willing to give up sex for a year if you knew it would give you a deeper sense of happiness than you have now?
There is no deeper sense of happiness than what I have now

What are your most compulsive habits, do you struggle to break these habits?
Talking, can we just get this over with - I'm in the middle of a conversation

Write the first word that comes into your head at the end of this sentence? (can't be any of the words in this question)
Withholding tax. No I mean dose.